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Private boat tours on Lake Garda

Sirmione, Province of Brescia, Italy


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Private boat tours on the beautiful waters

of Lake Garda

Discover a unique experience, the beauty of Lake Garda while enjoying personalized and luxurious service. Clio Viaggi in partnership with Garda Tours, offers a fleet full of speedboats perfect for small groups, to majestic fully covered boats, to luxurious yachts.

In addition to classic sightseeing tours, we can create unforgettable moments for special events such as corporate events, birthdays, wedding proposals, and romantic aperitifs.

From Sirmione, the pearl of Lake Garda, we offer several solutions. Stays a minimum of 3 / 4 nights also as an extension from Milan or a week-long relaxing stay with the possibility of various excursions. Luxury private transfers with our drivers to/from major airports in Milan and beyond.

Departures from Sirmione or any other location on Lake Garda for tours that will take you to discover the beauty and magic of this Italian jewel–Lake Garda

Some examples of Private Tours:

  • Peninsula of Sirmione

Points of interest: Port of Sirmione – Aquaria – Villa Callas – Catullus Caves – Fonte Boiola – Scaliger Castle

Duration 25 minutes – in all languages

Sirmione’s fame originated in antiquity thanks to famous writers such as Catullus and Goethe who celebrated its uniqueness and beauty.
Its name originates from the Latin word “syrma,” or tail, precisely because of its long, slender shape that plunges into Lake Garda for 4km.
But what has enchanted poets and tourists in ancient and modern times is the beauty of its landscapes.
In this journey around the peninsula we will explore all the wonders it has to offer, stage by stage, starting right from the Sirmione Spa that has always made it internationally renowned.
  • Garda Island

Points of interest: Sirmione Peninsula – Rocca di Manerba – Island of San Biagio – Garda Island – Sirmione

Duration 1 hour and 30 minutes – in all languages

A boat trip to Garda Island is sure to leave a magical flavor to your memories, because although a noble family still lives there, it feels like taking a dip into the past, into a world that no longer exists.
While cruising by speedboat on the lake, you can admire a rocky islet sprinkled with greenery that as you approach will open up showing the sumptuous villa of the Borghese-Cavazza counts who still live there, along with the botanical garden that surrounds it.
  • Half-day private boat adventures

Departing from beautiful Sirmione, you will have the opportunity to explore the lake’s most fascinating and picturesque sites, navigating through breathtaking views and iconic points of interest along the way.

Our adventure-filled itinerary includes:

Tour around the Sirmione Peninsula: See the beauty of Sirmione from a unique perspective as we sail around its picturesque peninsula.

Rocca di Manerba: Approach the majestic Rocca di Manerba and discover its thousand-year history.

Rabbit Island: Stop by the enchanting Rabbit Island and be captivated by its natural beauty.

Isola del Garda: Behold the imposing neo-Gothic-Venetian villa on Isola del Garda.

Gardone, Torre San Marco, Fasano: Discover the picturesque towns along the lake shore and be enchanted by their unique atmosphere.

Punta San Vigilio, Villa Canossa and Garda: Explore these iconic places and immerse yourself in the history and culture of the lake.

During the private tour, you will have the freedom to arrange directly with the captain for personalized stops to take a walk, enjoy a coffee or an aperitif, or shop in the picturesque villages along the shore. You may also bring your swimsuit and make stops for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear waters of the lake.
Your assigned boat will be for your exclusive use, equipped with a sun canopy to protect you from the sun, stereo system to accompany your adventure with your favorite music, and the captain will be happy to share his expert comments with you along the tour.
Duration 4 hours – Language Italian and English

Points of interest

  • Peninsula of Sirmione
  • Rock of Manerba
  • Rabbit Island
  • Garda Island
  • Gardone
  • San Marco Tower
  • Fasano
  • Punta San Vigilio
  • Villa Canossa
  • Garda

More than 50 hulls divided between Rentals and Tours stationed in multiple ports, and for the most discerning a luxurious selection that includes the Lake’s flagship: the Riva Aquariva, the most beautiful and powerful boat of all.


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Sirmione, Province of Brescia, Italy
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