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Travel safely with ClioViaggi, book your vacation by including policies for any need

Tailored solutions for every type of travel and traveler.

A trivial flu or injury, loss of luggage, car breakdown, or illness of a family member at home are things that can happen.

For each of these cases and more you can count on the guarantees of the Globy line and our assistance, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever you are.

Globy revolutionizes the world of travel insurance with a comprehensive, top-quality offering that features :

  • High limits of indemnity
  • Direct payment of medical expenses
  • Validity of coverage for assistance, medical expenses, baggage and cancellation even in case of terrorist events
  • Dedicated call center
  • Guaranteed quick refunds (max 20 days) with Globy Quick

Globy is the line of insurance and personal care products that meets every travel and traveler need, always with you, everywhere.
Globy is a product of Allianz Global Assistance, a world leader in assistance, travel insurance and personal services.

A travel policy can make a difference, even in price! Find out why.

A minor health problem while on vacation abroad can be prohibitively expensive: getting checked out at the ER in Miami can cost up to 53,000 euros, while a bad bronchitis in Montreal can cost nearly 25,000 euros.

According to our data, 58 percent of tourists abroad who have purchased travel insurance face mostly ailments such as flu and food poisoning, 23.5 percent minor injuries such as falls from rocks, coral cuts, and allergies to henna tattoos, but exceptional cases do exist and can make a difference to the wallet as well.

Travel insurance is an essential protection in case things don’t turn out as you had imagined.

Discover our line of policies to guide every traveler in choosing the ideal one.

Download the PDF of the
Globy Catalog
with all available types


The health care and medical expense policy (up to an unlimited maximum for the U.S. and Canada) with no deductible and with coverage for pre-existing conditions. It also includes vehicle assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident to the trip start location and protection for family members left at home. Medical expense limits vary according to the age of the insured.


The policy that guarantees health care and medical expenses (up to an unlimited maximum for the U.S. and Canada) with no deductible and pre-existing illness coverage, vehicle assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident to the trip start location, and protection for family members left at home, plus insurance baggage, the coverage of the smartphone. Medical expense limits vary according to the age of the insured.


The most comprehensive policy for all types of travel: health care and medical expenses with unlimited maximum for the U.S. and Canada, no deductible and pre-existing illness coverage, baggage insurance, smartphone coverage, travel waiver for any documented reason (including acts of terrorism), assistance for family members left behind, and more.


Secure your ski vacation by protecting your person, car and sports equipment. The policy also covers damage unintentionally caused to third parties and provides chauffeured return home in case of injury.


The policy for reimbursement in the event of travel cancellation for any objectively documentable reason, including pre-existing and chronic illnesses, work-related reasons, pregnancy conditions, illness of the dog or cat owned. Acts of terrorism are also included.


A product born frommore than 15 years’ experience in the cruise industry. The policy protects the cruise with health care and medical expenses, cancellation for any documented reason, baggage, legal assistance, cruise interruption, airplane delay, and assistance of relatives at home.


With Globy Ticket, we reimburse you for the cost of your air, sea, and rail tickets, including taxes and surcharges, in case of flight cancellation or missed connection.


The policy provides compensation in case of aviation accidents.


Insurance that provides assistance and medical expenses as well as basic purchases and liability, including for young people under 30 years of age who are traveling for study or pleasure.


For students up to age 25, the study abroad policy guarantees a daily rate and a package of guarantees (health care and medical expenses, essential purchases and liability).


The ideal policy for business travelers. Includes health care with payment of medical expenses, travel assistance, flight accident insurance, and baggage protection extended to work tools (PCs and smartphones). Also available is the annual rate that allows you to protect every single trip made in a full year, not exceeding 90 consecutive days.